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General FAQs

Contract duration

The agreement is in place for a certain period of time and may be terminated according to the general conditions on the last Saturday in November.

The contract can be terminated by mutual consent, as long as this does not generate additional expenses or costs for you or for Second Home Rent (e.g. customers having to be rebooked).

Reservation management

You will receive an email every time there is a new Second Home Rent booking.

Our customers’ personal privacy is our highest priority, but we will be happy to tell you what country your guests come from.

Of course you can. You can occupy your property at any time, as long as no guests are booked in for the same period.

Yes, you can enter via your login page your own self occupancy periods according to the contracts terms and conditions.

Your property in safe hands

No specific inspection is made immediately on customers’ departure. However during the final cleaning the cleaning team carefully checks each property.

Second home Care has a reliable cleaning team on site. Otherwise we will be happy to help you find cleaning staff. Your Second Home Care contact will be pleased to provide you with further tips, like using mattress covers on beds, and other useful suggestions.

We recommend that you keep all your valuable belongings locked in a separate room or storage space.

Our customers are independently insured should any damage occur. If you would like to have extra protection, you can have an additional customised insurance policy with AXA to ensure your property has the maximum protection.

Cost and Payments

The amount of the costs depends on the services provided. Depending on the type of contract is there a Commission of the arranged rental price and maintenance costs deducted. Please contact us for a quote.

Yes. Just get in touch with your designated contact person at Second Home Rent.

Unfortunately not. To keep administration costs to a minimum, you will receive payments at the end of every month or every quarter.


Yes. You will have a personal advisor who is available at any time to answer your questions.

You can reach us round the clock in case of emergency via mail, whatts app, text messages.

Second Home Care staff will be happy to assist with any language issues – either on-site or via email.

Marketing and Advertising

Your property will not only be listed and advertised on our own website, but also on several booking portals worldwide.
This way you can double your benefits: your property will be marketed worldwide and you don’t have to pay any extra charges to appear on other booking platforms.

If you want to work with another agency, Second Home Rent must always be informed of your updated availability in order to avoid double bookings.
We guarantee our customers an instant booking service based on real time availability.

Of course you can. You will receive a detailed description of the property along with the contract. You can then make any additions or corrections by getting in touch with your Second Home Rent contact person.

or every new signed contract following your referral, you will receive up to 100 Euros as a thank you (depending on the holiday home rating).

If you live next door, are able to always keep an eye out and do all the cleaning yourself, can make the beds, keep the pool clean and carry out all of the repairs, then you should rent it out yourself. But if you have something better to do, Second Home Care would be more than happy to do it for you.

Of course. We are well-known in this part of France and have sufficient insight into the reliability of the legal owners. This way we are able to carry out all of our rentals with great certainty. We are always considering the long-term and optimal assurance for both parties.

You should actually ask all the other owners this question. The answer is: Second Home Rent focuses on the Burgundy area. Our employees are at home in this region, they know the apartments. house and villas and are very careful when managing your property.

See, this is where Second Home Rent experience comes in. We have a matrix that can assign a rental value to your property. Every house is unique. Together, we will discuss the desired and the realistic rental revenues. Do you want 100% rentals or would you like to use the house for your own holiday? Together, we can come to a splendid arrangement.

Second Home Care is always present on-location. When the guests have problems or questions, our employees are always ready to help during office hours and 24/7 in cases of emergency. The control over the accommodation is well-organised and is made complete by a fast reaction time in event of disaster. Our great service is also a benefit to owners because satisfied guests come back as good acquaintances. This is precisely what we are aiming for.

The range that Second Home Rent offers can be seen all over the world and browsing, choosing and booking is thereby possible for millions of people 24/7. But the success of your rental also depends on the quality of the holiday accommodation. We are happy to offer you advice and help you achieve that standard of quality. If we work together, we will fill your rental calendar.

No, you are free to offer your holiday accommodation wherever you like. But…..that will not be necessary. Dozens of other rental sites have included the Second Home Rent properties in their own catalogues. When a reservation is made via another supplier, the booking will be placed in Second Home Rent rental calendar. This simplifies matters and prevents any confusion (in regards to double-bookings and any consequences there of!).

Then you simply designate this period as “own personal use”. You can do this in your own booking environment on the site. Second Home Rent offers every owner their own page where all information is kept up-to-date 24/7. As the owner, you will see the reservations made on the rental calendar, any options currently running and the vacant periods. You are therefore free to determine during which period you wish to enjoy a holiday stay in your own apartment, house or villa.

To my friends, for example? Without compensation or rent (or for minimal costs)? You may, but you must then book this period as “own personal use”. Should you require the services of Second Home Care during one of these periods, you will be surcharged.

No, in principle, we stick to the agreement per each house. But exceptions may occur in cases involving an entire apartment complex or a number of villas on the same street.

If you enlist the property for rental with us and we are required to make changes in order to reach the standards set by Second Home Rent (interior design, appliances, renovations and any possible structural changes), we will deduct these costs from your revenues. After that, there are no additional costs. There are other costs that are the responsibility of the owner, however, and these include: home and content insurance, property taxes, municipal taxes, water and electricity costs, cable television, pool and garden maintenance.

No, and that is exactly why you should let Second Hoe Care handle all the arrangements. We will take all responsibility until the moment when we need you the owner to make important (or unexpected necessary) decisions.

Based on the number of rental weeks, we arrange a corresponding payment schedule with every owner. If the owner has mortgage payments, we can also arrange monthly payments. Also local payments for garden maintenance and swimming pool services, for example, we will gladly take off your hands.

For the optimal preparation, we ask the home owner to leave his or her home on the day of arrival before 10 am Then, our team has the time to check all points and are able to act if necessary.

For the weekend rental periods our customers have the possibility to leave at 17.00 pm on the day of departure. This means that the cleaning schedule will be the following day or as soon as possible. For a week or more, we ask the guests to check out before 10.00, the cleaning is scheduled the same day. Your home will then by ready after 16.00.

Customers prefer to arrive in a warm and clean house. We recommend you to clean by our standards your house before handing it over, to avoid high costs.

Second home care is 100% committed in to your home to deliver in the original state back.  We can only, provided that a clear inventory list is present. And whether a file has been provided with pictures of the device until the contents of the kitchen cabinets.

You have as an home owner more emotion in your holiday home and it is therefore difficult to hand this over. We strive for an optimum balance between the tenants and you as a homeowner. This is not always easy. The expectations of our guests can sometimes be very high, which is not always reasonable or pleasant. Also, your property will be more subject to wear. This is unavoidable. After intensive rental seasons with high-occupancy there is a risk that, for example, your sofa or garden set traces of wear. Therefore, it is always recommended to all concern all the plus and minus one by one before you start this adventure.

Second home care welcomes a clear description of the winterized its holiday house during the winter. This means that your House after departure of the last tenants, no risk will run for a possible frost damage to your property. Also setting the heating, boilers etc is important to report it to Second Home Care so that no unnecessary high costs are incurred during the winter period.

In accordance with second Home care is there a maintenance contract including the summer and winter preparation of your pool. Also the delivery of the products and the replacement of products can be arranged through our Office.

This is again in consultation with the owner on a contract basis. You can together with one of our staff prepare a report what is weekly, monthly and annually would have to be done in the garden. We work with several self-employed entrepreneurs who bring their own tools and materials for the maintenance.

Maintaining the tennis court is done in consultation with the garden maintenance.

This indeed happened during the final cleaning. The leaves and other dirt will be deleted. It’s the responsobiltiy of the tenants to clean it themselves ready for use again. If this is not respected, the cleaners will do this, and will be the extra cost will be deducted from the deposit. its highly recommended to leae several cleaning brushes close to the bbq.

This treatment is only done when the tenants have left a lot of filth on the Windows. for General cleaning the Windows can be cleaned on the cost of the homeowner in the desired periods.

If your fireplace/wood stove is used heavily during the rental period, we will ensure to remove the excess axle. The windows and the thorough cleaning to wipe down your chimney is an additional option which is passed on to the homeowner.

Yes, you can set up a separate enclosure for your private groceries. The freezer and fridge must be empty.

Yes, the tenants do not find it pleasant to have much private objects such as clothing, jackets and boots. It’s best to save this in a confined space.

These are areas with lots of private stuff, where the tenants often have no access to. If this space is opened up for your tenants, then you need to take away all the unsafe and private stuff. Ensure that the space is always neat and well-organized.

By the number of people we ask to have an appropriate number of containers available. The maxim is 1 grey dirt container (residual waste) 1 green container (green waste), 1 glass container (black), 1 plastic and cardboard (black) waste per 6 persons.

If SHC manages your home we would like to have 3 sets. One for the customers needs. Normally we work with the key safe for guests even if it goes to multiple groups, not require multiple forests. One set for the office and one for the cleaning staff.